Rephorm design
Andrea Bellamy |

dialounge_graphit_375.jpgBerlin-based Michael Hilgers is a busy fellow. An architect by training, he is also a skilled joiner who enjoys designing retail products. He had designed and independently produced the stackable polyethylene dialounge pair chair (above) and was touring it around at product fairs, where he discovered a dearth of outdoor design products – especially for small spaces like balconies and terraces.

Steckling_375.jpg With this revelation, rephorm was born, and with it, the “Steckling” planter (above), sold outside Germany as On-the-Edge.

Says Michael, “Our aim is to translate typologies which are known for the interior into products for the architecture bound outside space. These products should occupy existing structures in a friendly and symbiotic way without drilling and screws. They don’t need additional clamps or feet. The products just use the most simple way to connect themselves with architecture.”

Sling_Quadrat_375.jpgHence Sling, a lamp that easily affixes to an existing railing (above). You can shop for rephorm products here.

Michael also publishes a balcony blog, Gruenes Wohnzimmer, which translates as “green lounge room,” where he reports on balcony-related products and news.

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