Tomato order 2008
Andrea Bellamy |

green_zebra.jpgGreen Zebra tomatoes from last year’s harvest.

I put in my first seed order of the year today: eight kinds of heirloom tomatoes from Salt Spring Seeds. As usual, I’ve ordered way too much: last year I managed to squeeze five plants onto my tiny deck. And I’ve got seeds from three of those. Eleven tomato plants? C’est impossible.

Thankfully, it’s a family affair. I order the seeds. My mom starts them in her greenhouse. My grandma saves the seeds. We all grow, and share the results. (Somehow, I get away with the least amount of effort because I’ve got the smallest home, and, for my elders, online shopping seems like a lot of work.)

So. Where does that leave me? Of last year’s seeds, I’ll grow Black Brandywine and Green Zebra again. I also ordered Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter, a deep-red beefsteak slicer; Gardener’s Delight, a small cherry that is said to be consistent and flavourful, with lots of seeds and juice. Finally, I couldn’t resist the Brandywine Collection, which contains seeds from Cherry, Black, Purple, Pink Select and Joyce’s Brandywine tomatoes. I really can’t fit them all on my deck, so I’ll have to choose! Any suggestions?

By the way, if you live in Canada, you should really check out Salt Spring Seeds. I ordered from them last year, and every single seed germinated! Their seeds are untreated, open-pollinated and non-GMO. They grow all their own seeds and sell only their most recent harvest. Salt Spring Seeds also runs the Seed Sanctuary, a charitable organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of heritage and heirloom seeds (kind of like the Seed Saver’s Exchange in the US).

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