Gardening while pregnant
Andrea Bellamy |

For those of you who haven’t experienced the (ahem) joys of pregnancy, let me fill you in.

It’s a beautiful sunny day. You decide to get out into the garden. Nothing heavy – you just want to enjoy the rare February sunshine and do some clean up. Which is normally no problem for a fit young thing like yourself, except, this time, you’ve got a beachball fused to your torso.

This… bulge, you see, makes it a tad difficult to maneuver. Reaching between shrubs is a challenge, as is performing the “squat and scoot” method of weeding. And don’t even go near any tender new growth. You’ll almost certainly crush it as you lose your balance (which is a strong possibility, given your centre of balance is way off). 

The other thing that you’ll find challenging is the fact that your arms are now a good six or so inches shorter. Oh, I don’t mean literally. But your reach is certainly diminished due to the fact that you’re working around the bulge. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop you from straining to reach things that are just barely beyond your grasp… if you could just move the baby out of the way for a moment.

Trust me, it’s not a pretty picture. There will be grunting. And falling over. And your “normal” pregnancy-related backache will be increased – guaranteed. And in the end, you’ll wonder if you should really be doing this. And then you’ll laugh to yourself and think, “Of course I should.” Because really, as ungraceful and ineffective as you may be tottering around your garden, there’s no place else you’d rather be.

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