Nesting help from Garden Boutique
Andrea Bellamy |

bird spiral.jpgCame across a sweet little online shop called the Garden Boutique. This UK-based store is carefully curated by garden designer Alice Bowe, and has the intimate feel of a neighbourhood boutique, with lots of delicious treasures to be found. It’s also nice to find garden stuff that’s not everywhere, you know? Like these British Wool Metal Spirals. Never seen these before. They hold natural wool to make it easy for birds to find nesting material. Necessary? I doubt it, but they do look pretty clustered together, as Alice recommends, “so that they catch your eye almost like white winter blooms as you pass through the garden.”

bird ball.jpgBut personally, I’ve got my eye on these white ceramic Birdball birdhouses, whose simple, almost sculptural form reminds me of much more expensive versions.

tealight holder.jpgOnce your backyard birds are happily ensconced, work on your own nest. A couple of my favourite picks from the Garden Boutique are these hanging cut-glass tealight holders (above) and the oh-so jolly old rustic garden crown (below).

garden crown.jpgAll photos from the Garden Boutique.

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