Science & Sons Park Planter
Andrea Bellamy |

park_plant.jpgLately, I’ve noticed that more and more designers are having fun with indoor planters. From miniature pink flamingos for your cacti to “treehouses” for your ficus, decorating your houseplants is definitely big.

Then there are containers that make more of a statement than any terracotta pot could dream of. (Remember the IV plant pot from Vitamin Living?) The newest – and possibly baddest – kid on the block is the Park Planter from Science & Sons.

Drawing inspiration from the bonsai, designer
Tristan Zimmermann created the Park Planter “to
elevate the common household plant to the status of full grown tree.
The potted plant becomes the backdrop for an urban park scene.”  Scenes include both the innocuous – dog walkers – and the sketchy – flashers and muggers. No two scenes are alike. Park Planters will be available sometime in spring 2008.

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