40 ways to encourage more local food production

Want to change the food system? Here are 40 great ways everyone – from individuals to the government – can do so.

Some of my fave’s:

For individuals:
#6 Establish community canning workshops where people can work together to can food.
#8.Establish a Young Farmers Institute for the next generation of farmers.
#12 Encourage Community Fruit Tree Projects to harvest unwanted fruit, and have it juiced for sale and for fundraisers.
#13 Create a “Buy Local” label for use in retail food stores.

For municipal councils:
#18 Prioritize the use of local organic food at all city-owned events and facilities.
#23 Require the provision of food gardening space in all larger
development proposals. In smaller developments, require a development
cost charge payment to a Community Gardens Fund.

#25 Integrate ornamentals with edibles, bio-remediation, fiber and medicinal plants in city landscape planning.
#26.Establish a community-wide composting program.

For provincial/state governments:
#31 Prohibit the removal of land from the Agricultural Land Reserve without replacement with equivalent quality farmland.
#33 Remove regulatory barriers that prevent local stores from selling
locally grown dairy and meat products, and other barriers to producers
processing and distributing their products locally.

From Guy Dauncey and Carolyn Herriot via the 100 Mile Diet.

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