GroBal by Karim Rashid
Andrea Bellamy |


I wandered over to Velocity Art and Design after seeing housemartin’s tour of their Seattle store. What caught my eye was housemartin’s photo of the Esque terrariums (which, by the way, are beautiful, but for $600, I’d want mine to come planted, thankyouverymuch). Anyway, I was quickly distracted by GroBal, a planter by hugely-prolific product designer Karim Rashid.

According to Velocity, “GroBal is plant care evolved no green thumb necessary. With its unique
self watering system, and stylish design by Karim Rashid, Grobal keeps
your house plants lush, green, and looking sharp.” Okay, so it’s a planter for the masses. Perfectly in keeping with the Karim philosophy – er, Karimanifesto. And let’s face it, houseplants can be trying, even for those of us with purportedly green thumbs. But here’s where it goes a little bit Jetsons:

“Grobal draws water and nutrients from the reservoir into the soil in
the top chamber. Just check the water level through the water level
indicator and refill when needed through the Nutriport… Each GroBal comes with 1 GroBal Soil disk and 3 GroBal Food 7.5 ml hydropaks.” (Emphasis mine.) I can figure out what a “Nutriport” is. And yes, even a “soil disk.” I can guess what’s in a 7.5ml hydropak of GroBal Food, but I’d really like to know before I buy. Something tells me it’s not compost tea.

GroBals are $24.95 each at Velocity Art and Design.

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