Illicit activity: start ’em young
Andrea Bellamy |

In my pre-baby life, my neighbour called me The Napper. I love sleeping, and I especially love a late, lazy afternoon nap. I was hoping my own daughter would see the beauty of daytime shut-eye, but, for now at least, she’s not all that fond of stationary beds. She’ll nap in her car seat as we’re buzzing around town, she’ll nap in my arms as I do the baby dance, and she’ll nap in her stroller on our daily walks. (You know how everyone tells pregnant women and new mothers, “sleep while the baby sleeps”? Please tell me how you do that while you’re driving.) 

Anyway, all this is preamble to explain why I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and blog (or do any gardening, for that matter). On the upside, our walks have allowed me to explore my neighbourhood more thoroughly than ever before.

vacant lot panorama.jpg

This is a vacant lot next to our townhouse complex. It’s slated for development, but since it’s unclear when that will actually happen, I thought it’d be the perfect location for some seed bombing.

I had about 100 or so seed balls I made a couple of months back, so I dressed Lila in her bad-ass black cap (for ninja stealth) and we set out to do some guerrilla gardening.

Guerrilla Lila.jpg
She was pretty lax about the whole thing. Kind of like my morals.

Hopefully we get a good show of wildflowers before the tractors roll in. I’ll keep you posted.

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