‘Garden Babies’ Butterhead lettuce
Andrea Bellamy |

<em>Renee’s Garden container lettuce ‘Garden Babies Butterhead’</em>” width=”340″ height=”255″ /><p class=Renee's Garden container lettuce 'Garden Babies Butterhead'

How much do I love ‘Garden Babies Butterhead’ container lettuce from Renee’s Garden? To put it in Grade 3 terms – I would marry it.

I’ve never grown lettuce so… perfect looking. It’s like a Whole Foods produce manager sneaks onto my balcony every morning, mists it gently, picks off any errant flecks of dirt and whispers tender words of encouragement.

I’ll be honest: I don’t grow a lot of flawless veg. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t use chemicals on my garden – to kill pests or to enhance growth, or simply because homegrown rarely looks like the uniform, bred-for-long-haul-shipping produce we’ve come to expect in our supermarkets, but mine are always the lumpy tomatoes, the hole-punched kale leaves.

So Garden Babies Butterhead brings out in me a kind of smug pride. Here is perfect lettuce. It’s a salad-lover’s fantasy, delicate and sweet. But more than that, it’s a gardener’s dream – easy to grow, pest resistant and f*#ing gorgeous.

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