But what’s wrong with plastic swan garden planters?
Andrea Bellamy |

I recently updated my About page. It wasn’t just that it was time for an update. I’d also been feeling uncomfortable with some of the language I’d used when I first wrote it a million years ago in 2005. Here’s an excerpt from the old About:

Heavy Petal’s mission is to demonstrate that gardening isn’t just for the suburban, the aged, or the hopelessly unfashionable. Rejecting horticultural snobbery along with plastic swan garden planters, Heavy Petal is gardening – from an urban, organic perspective.

It’s pretty obvious that gardening is no longer strictly in the realm of little old ladies with acreage, if it ever was. This is especially the case if you look at gardening the way I’ve come to define it. But in the past few years, gardening has become – heaven help us – hip. We’ve heard it all: it’s the new rock n’ roll, the new knitting, the new whatever.

So I don’t think I need to “demonstrate that gardening isn’t just for the suburban, the aged, or the hopelessly unfashionable.” We know that already. Duh.

And what about my take on, er, less subtle forms of garden decor? While there’s definitely a part of me that takes an evil delight in making snarky comments about other people’s take on style, I’ve mellowed a bit. Maybe it’s the neighbourhood I live in – I’m just happy when people make some sort of effort, even if it’s not to my particular taste. And if someone’s obviously enjoying their garden, who am I to judge?

Take the above photo, for example. That yard totally belongs in the WTF category. And yet. Someone’s having fun there (or perhaps, as the Brits would say, “taking the Mick”). Is that so wrong? Depends on what kind of day it is, but now, at least once in a while, I might say “nope.” Either my sweet little baby is turning me soft, or I’m getting old. Christ.

I mean, you still won’t find plastic swan garden planters here, but for today at least I’ll say more power to you if you love them. As long as you’re gardening.

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