There’s something about (dwarf) sunflowers
Andrea Bellamy |

I planted these ‘Music Box’ kneehigh sunflowers from Renee’s Garden in a corner bulge garden (a planting area the City makes available where there might otherwise be concrete or a hell strip) near my home.

I wanted to plant sunflowers in the garden – a hot, sunny location right across from an elementary school – because community gardens seem to need sunflowers, don’t you think? But because it’s at the corner of an intersection, the plants there had to be low-growing. Once upon a time, this might have ruled out sunflowers entirely.

Nowadays there’s a variety of dwarf sunflowers with impossibly cute names (Munchkin, Sundance Kid, Teddy Bear, etc). I chose ‘Music Box’ for its multi-branched, bicoloured blooms, and they didn’t disappoint. At less than a foot high, they provided the garden with that warm, carefree feeling sunflowers evoke – if not the impact of the traditional sky-high sunflower. I’ll plant them again next year: these were fun, super low-maintenance little plants that transformed an otherwise barren corner of my neighbourhood!

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