Cup of Coco woodland creations
Andrea Bellamy |

Voila! I have for you the perfect election hangover cure: I just discovered Cup of Coco, the blog of artist/creator/interior designer Jennifer Talbot of b.delicious. Hot damn, that girl is talented! I was originally drawn to this birch tree she created for a client’s room – beautiful, isn’t it? Look closer:

It’s made out of fabric – felt, perhaps? I totally thought it was an actual birch trunk! Jennifer says, “The piece is meant to be quiet and compliment the room’s existing color story. The little orange bird can be removed from the hole in the tree.”

Then I discovered that Jennifer had created a little girl’s room with a woodland theme (which is also what we chose for Lila’s room). Please, please, go check out the photographs – this is the most amazingly sweet room – sure to rid you of any residual snarkiness.

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