Garden Tour: Francesca and Scott’s incredible edible garden
Andrea Bellamy |

The Basics

Gardeners: Francesca and Scott
Location: Portland, Oregon
Size: The total lot is 50′ x 100′ but the backyard is only a tiny portion of that.
Orientation: Northeast
Zone: 8b
Years gardened: 3

The Details

Style: Chaotic
Inspiration: Eating
Favorite element(s): Miniature fruit!
Favorite plant(s): Banana, pineapple, fly eating thing.
Biggest challenge: The rocks were our first hurdle. Now we are combating the moles.
Biggest save: There really wasn’t anything but rocks when we moved in so we didn’t have to get rid of many invasive plants, just several tons of river rock.
Biggest splurge: I can’t stop purchasing containers and pots.
Advice for others: Just do a little at a time as you feel like it. Don’t underestimate rocks. Don’t plant too many cherry tomatoes. Pumpkins are unhappy in the shade and in small containers.

This little container grouping holds unusual edibles like coffee, limes (not shown) and even pomegranates among the ornamental plants.

Fennel and curry find their way into the perennial side garden.

And check out the bees on this artichoke flower!

See more photos of Francesca and Scott’s garden here, including “before” photos that show just how much this garden has changed in three years.

Thanks Francesca and Scott for sharing your garden with us!

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