Garden Tour: Marcelle’s bountiful balcony

The Basics

Gardener: Marcelle Stone
Location: Spokane, WA, United States
Size: Edges of an 8 foot-by-12-foot balcony (tried to keep the weight over support posts)
Orientation: West-ish
Zone: 5b
Years gardened: Three
Style: Let’s see what we can grow in a pot.

The Details

Inspiration: British window boxes
Favourite element: End-of-summer overgrowth
Favourite plants:
Herbs: Lemon balm, parsley, mint, cilantro
Biggest challenge: Weight: This is a balcony garden. Aphids also figured–let’s say prominently–this year. Many thanks to Warren Wessels for his help on this, and all, fronts.
Biggest save: Free bee-and-frog visits: The frog eats bugs, the bees pollinate. How the frog found the garden/climbed up to it is a mystery.
Biggest splurge: Not-really-necessary Wellington garden boots.
Advice for others: Start somewhere: There is a lot of information out there and it can seem daunting (there seem to be a lot of ways to do things wrong). Let the plants surprise you with how hardy they can be. Expect to make some mistakes but count on a lot of pleasant surprises.

Herbs such as mint, cilantro and parsley mingle with nemesia and cucumber.

Marcelle mixes ornamental with edible for a lush effect – while restricting the weight to the edges of her balcony.

Yes, you can grow carrots in containers. These look like ‘Thumbelina’ to me.

Peppers and nasturtiums are obviously thriving on this sunny deck.

See more photos of Marcelle’s balcony here. Thanks Marcelle for sharing your garden with us!

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