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Andrea Bellamy |

So I’m a little late to the party. Frankly, I didn’t understand what the big deal was. But Amanda at Kiss my Aster convinced me, and now I get it. I swear, like every garden blogger in the world is twittering! I had no idea I was the only hold-out. It’s like at school when you were the last one to hear the juicy gossip and then finding out that EVERYONE else knew. Even the dorky kid.

If you’re still wondering what it’s all about, here’s what convinced me:

1) Microblogging: it’s a great way to share thoughts, links, photos and ideas that don’t quite merit a whole blog post. I have about 59 million of those.

2) A better way to keep up with blogs: if you “follow” your favourite bloggers and they “tweet” (frankly, I don’t get the lingo yet, either) when they post something new, it’s easy to keep up with their blogs. I subscribe to hundreds of blogs through Bloglines and it’s so easy to get behind in my reading. Works the other way, too: self-promotion!

3) Community: it’s another way to interact with Heavy Petal readers and other bloggers.

4) Coolness: If I wasn’t on Twitter, I wouldn’t have seen this gem from Vancouver’s mayor: “relished digging up some city hall lawn to transform it into a symbolic community garden.”

You up for it? Follow me.

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