First tomato!
Andrea Bellamy |

Tomato 'Aisla Craig'

Normally right around this time I’m excited to see the first green fruits forming on my tomato plants. Never have I actually harvested this early in the summer. Then I planted ‘Ailsa Craig.’

“Our earliest tomato,” said the guy I bought the seeds from (Two Wings Farm at a Seedy Saturday), and he wasn’t kidding. Ailsa Craig is a keener, producing perfectly round, red globes on an indeterminate plant. The flavour is supposed to be outstanding – can’t wait to try one!

I’m also growing Purple Calabash and Tumbler this year. And while my Tumblers are loaded with fruit even while stuffed into teeny hanging baskets, Purple Calabash isn’t doing much. Its flowers don’t set fruit, instead browning and falling off. All the possible reasons for this – temperature, overfertilization, shallow watering – don’t really explain it, since it’s growing in the same bed as Ailsa Craig. Just another one of gardening’s great mysteries, I suppose!

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