Week Two on the Cure: Landing strip reveal
Andrea Bellamy |

landing strip

In Week Two of the Apartment Therapy Cure, participants are asked to create a “landing strip” (nope, it’s not what you think). In Cure lingo, a landing strip is the place you “land” when you get home. Where you drop your keys and coat, and file through your mail.

Ben and I started the Cure process back in January, so we’re a little off schedule. But I do like the way our front hall (i.e. landing strip) has turned out. Our entrance is very narrow, so we didn’t have room for a console or other table. Instead, we painted out a skinny shoe cabinet (SANDNES from Ikea) to match the wall, switching up the hardware to match the door pulls on the coat closet opposite. It provides just enough room to hold a bowl for keys and a vase of flowers. Oh, and it hides shoes! Always a good thing.

The mirror hung in my parents’ bathroom for the past 30-plus years (and was, at one point, faux gold leafed); I snatched it up during their recent reno. I love being able to “check my face” before I leave the house now.

landing strip 2

We installed three hooks at Lila height, to the right of the cabinet. It’s great for little girl coats and daycare backpacks.

I can’t remember where we found the low ceramic bowl that now holds our keys and sundry items, but I love it. And I love that I can (almost) always find my keys now.

I also love the white vase that sits to the left of the mirror. It’s got pussywillows and cherry blossoms in it currently, and I plan to change it up with seasonal blooms or branches throughout the year.

Next: the living room.

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