Kale blossoms
Andrea Bellamy |

kale blossoms

Lacinato kale blossoms

Kale makes a great crop for overwintering in the veggie garden. But if you’re hoping to harvest an early spring crop of kale greens, be warned: it may just bolt (flower) as soon as the weather starts to warm in late winter or spring. I started one batch of Lacinato (Tuscan) kale in late summer, and was able to harvest greens this spring, however, a second planting started much earlier (late last spring) bolted.

Thank goodness kale flowers are delicious. No, that’s not doing them justice. They are amazingly delicious: full of sweet nectar that makes them taste like a cross between honey and mild broccoli. In a good way.

kale blossom salad

Kale blossoms are tasty and oh-so-pretty in a green salad. Just keep the dressing light so you don’t overwhelm their delicate flavour.

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