Square foot update
Andrea Bellamy |

Radishes and arugula

In March, I wrote about the creation of my newest garden space, a raised bed planted using the square-foot method (of planting in 1′ squares). I’m happy to report that the garden, so far, is a success – turning out early producers spinach, radishes, and arugula.

Nine square feet of awesomeness

Left to right, top to bottom: ‘Easter Egg II’ radish, ‘Sugar Loaf’ radicchio, ‘Tyee’ spinach, ‘Red Sails’ lettuce, ‘Tyee’ spinach, arugula, ‘Garden Babies’ butterhead lettuce, arugula, and ‘Amish Deer Tongue’.

Obviously, the lettuces and radicchio, planted later, are further behind. But what’s funny to me about this photo is that it shows what happens when you let a toddler sow seeds. There’s no careful, one-at-a-time seed placement. Handfuls: that’s Lila’s strategy.

What I’m loving right now is the arugula. Forget salads: cook up some orzo or capellini, and toss in a few handfuls of arugula after draining. Add olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and grated Parmesan. Toss until the arugula is wilted. Simple, and lovely.

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