Window box round-up

windowbox by sunface13 on flickr

Windowbox by Sunface13 on Flickr.

I remember the first time I saw window boxes worth coveting. I was 20 years old, backpacking through Europe. Although I wasn’t yet a gardener, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the perpetual, ageless villages with their cheery window boxes spilling over with geraniums. The window boxes were simple, but gorgeous, and I wanted to take them home.

Outside my window by James Jordan on Flickr

Outside my window by James Jordan on Flickr.

In my mind, the best window boxes will always be European, best suited to crumbling brick or stucco apartment buildings. But right now the closest I will ever get to gardening in a European window box is vicariously.

Although I’m not in the market, I was curious to see what was out there in the way of window boxes, so I pulled together a few internet finds to share.

diy windowbox

Sweet DIY succulent windowbox planter (made using an aluminum gutter) by Kalani Kordus on Flickr.

teak wood planter

Simple teak wood planter from Jayson Home and Garden ($64-$115)

zinc rectangular planter

Inexpensive zinc rectangular rail planter from Crate and Barrel ($13.95-$19.95).

terrazzo lite window box

Modern terrazzolite windowbox from Jayson Home and Garden ($78-$160)

galvanized metal planters

Galvanized metal planter box from Pottery Barn ($59).

coir-lined planter

Coir-lined traditional iron window box on ($165.96).

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