Now Harvesting: Early June
Andrea Bellamy |

Now Harvesting: Garden Babies butterhead lettuce

‘Garden Babies’ butterhead lettuce poses on my balcony.

Here in Vancouver, summer is a little delayed. While the incessant rain and cool weather has meant stunted warm season crops, rust on my garlic, and pepper plants that are still biding their time indoors, it’s also meant a bumper crop of lettuce, scallions, herbs, arugula, spinach, and peas. In short, I’m growing killer salads.

We’ve been eating green salads every night with dinner, and truthfully, I can’t get enough of them. In winter I certainly do, when I end up eating them just to put some green on my plate. But garden-fresh-herb-topped salad that I grew? Bring it. Night after night.

Tonight’s salad consisted of one head of ‘Garden Babies’ butterhead lettuce (pictured above), chopped scallions, beet greens, sugar snap peas, and a sprinkling of calendula petals, dill, mint, and thyme flowers.

What are you harvesting now?

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