Now Harvesting: early July
Andrea Bellamy |

'Thumbelina' carrot

The sole ‘Thumbelina’ carrot I managed to raise to maturity (yes, they’re supposed to resemble golf balls in their shape and size!)

My garden is officially in limbo land. We didn’t get summer weather (read: consistently above 15C/29F) until just last week, and then it hit – hard. So all my cool-season edibles, such as lettuce, radishes, and peas, are stressing, while it just became warm enough for heat lovers like peppers and basil to be outdoors overnight unprotected.

That said, I’ve got lots of stuff coming out of the garden:

* Lettuce: ‘Garden Babies’ butterhead, ‘Red Sails’, and ‘Amish Deer Tongue’. (I also planted ‘Darkness’ but it was a bust.)

* ‘Easter Egg II’ radishes, which are quickly bolting.

* ‘Sugar Loaf’ radicchio, also bolting.

* Beets: ‘Chioggia’ and ‘Touchstone Gold.’

* Garlic

* One single, solitary ‘Thumbelina’ carrot.

But we’re only days away from major harvests of potatoes and cucumbers; tomatoes, zucchini, beans, and peppers will soon follow.

What are you harvesting now?

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