Now Harvesting: mid-to-late July
Andrea Bellamy |

Russian banana fingerlings

Wow – where did July go? I’ve been too busy working on the final proofs of my book to be able to do much lounging or gin-and-tonic drinking (two things, that, without which, summer is not complete). The good news is that the book is done! Well, my role in it, anyway – at least for now. Yay.

When I do manage to get into the garden, I harvest the first of the summer crops. I harvested the first batch of potatoes yesterday, stealing several handfuls from around the edges of the potato patch. Above are heirloom Russian Banana fingerling potatoes. They look like fat little sausages and taste like heaven.

Siegland potatoes

These are Sieglindes. They have thin, almost clear yellow skins; we’re having them for dinner tonight.

Lila with cucumber

‘Sweet Slice’ cucumber is producing straight, long cukes on plants that climb along my balcony railing. This one is being used as a rolling pin.

We’re also starting to see the first of the beans and zucchini, while cool-season crops like radishes and peas are finished for now. I can’t believe it’s almost time to start sowing for winter!

What are you harvesting now?

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