Some summer photos
Andrea Bellamy |

I’ve been back from vacation for a few days now; long enough to be pining for days spent by the water and evenings with a bottle of wine and a few dozen mosquitos.

I’ve got what feels like a few million posts to write, but I’m not quite ready to leave holiday mode just yet. So instead of diving back into talking about gardening, I’m posting a few vacation pics. These are of our week in the Okanagan, where we stayed in a little bungelow on an apple orchard beloning to my parents’ friends.

BC’s Okanagan is semi-arid, with cool blue lakes and dusty hills, scorching days and thunderstormy nights. It used to be BC’s fruit basket, and still is, for a large part, but orchards are slowly giving way to vineyards. The number of wineries now rivals the number of roadside fruit stands. We went for both.

Probably the highlight of our trip was an alfresco orchard dinner hosted by Joy Road Catering.  Picture a long, white-linen draped table set under mature trees strung with twinkling lights. It’s perched on a cliff overlooking a lake with a mountain backdrop. The sun is slowly sinking behind the hills. The food is divine (and local, and seasonal). The wine is perfectly paired. The people are friendly, beautiful. It’s warm. Everyone’s happy. It could be a spread in Martha Stewart Wedding…except you’re there. This was that. The only word for it was enchanting.

Enjoy the pics. Regular posting resumes tomorrow.

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