Lime green in the garden

lime green umbrellas

I love green in the garden. Who doesn’t? It’s the colour of new growth. Photosynthesis. Good health.

But that’s not the green I’m talking about here. I’m talking lime green. Pucker-yer-lips, jolt-to-the-system lime.

My back patio

I used lime green cushions in my back patio to add a punch of colour to an otherwise subdued palette. The lime of the pillows is echoed by the bright, bamboo-like foliage of Northern sea oats (Chasmantheum latifolium), which you can see peeking out on the left side of this photo. Lime contrasts so nicely with red cedar, as well as charcoal gray stone (or Sunbrella fabric, as the case may be).

Looking for other lime green accents? Here are some of my faves.

Green garden hose

Green hose clothes from Dirt Couture.

Bali garden

Green ceramic stool (similar to this one). Photo by David Tsay.


Panier side table from Hive Modern.

Freakshow 2

Lime green gravel! Photo by Sassy Gardener on Flickr.
Bauer Jardiniere

Classic jardiniere from Bauer Pottery.

Nicotiana x sanderae Perfume Lime

And then there are plants, of course. Like this lime green nicotiana. Photo by scott.zona on Flickr.

Heuchera 'Key Lime Pie'

So many lime green heucheras! This one is Heuchera ‘Key Lime Pie’. Photo via The Plant Directory.

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