Saving seeds and drying herbs
Andrea Bellamy |

Red Sails lettuce going to seed

‘Red Sails’ lettuce going to seed.

The garden has started its slow decline, and I am not overly unhappy about it. I feel like the ant in that classic fable, putting up food, saving seeds, and drying herbs. While I’m still savouring the last of the summer fruits, I’m also enjoying the cycle of the seasons, and trying not to fight the inevitable decent into winter.

drying herbs

Herbs for drying (mint, oregano, and thyme).

There are so many things to love about fall. I think it has to be the most sensory season, don’t you? The swish-crunch of your footsteps on leaf-strewn streets. The pungent earthy whiff of wood fires. The sharpness of the morning air in your nostrils.

saving seeds

Drying seeds (peas, kale, cilantro).

For me, fall is for cocoa, school bells, chunky sweaters, and collecting acorns and pretty leaves. It’s about putting away the sun hats, and bringing out the warm coats and knitting needles. It’s also about preparing the garden for winter — the endless cleaning and emptying of containers, tidying of foliage, and storing of tools that is definitely not my favourite part of the season. In fact, I’d like to just skip that part of gardening altogether.


Strawberry rhubarb jam

But crisp mornings and long evenings in front of the fireplace with a good novel and a cat on my lap? Yes, please. And having a larder (okay, a shelf or two) packed with homemade preserves? That’s something I can get behind.

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