Coveted: air plant pods by Michael McDowell
Andrea Bellamy |

matte white hanging air plant pods

How beautiful are these handcrafted air plant pods by ceramic artist Michael McDowell? Incredible, right?

Available in matte and gloss white, as well as matte sand, these stoneware ceramic pods are designed to house a tillandsia (air plant) and can be hung—each pod comes with a natural hemp cord—or set right side up (upside down?) for a more traditional display.


Clearly, they look amazing hung in clusters.


Mudpuppy’s air plant pods are available through Dirt Couture (seller of other amazing garden accoutrements such as hose clothes and those lovely Gallant and Jones deck chairs) for $30.


You should also check out Michael’s sweet little peace dove trio, stoneware moon bells, and, my personal favourite, his Peking blue bird sculptures.

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