Win a Sugar Snaps and Strawberries garden starter kit

Sugar Snaps Cover

It’s January 2011 and my book, Sugar Snaps and Strawberries, is officially out. It’s been available in American bookstores for over a month now so this isn’t exactly breaking news, but copies are just now appearing on Canadian shelves. Combine that with the amazing reviews that are starting to pour in and the fact that my publisher, Timber Press, calls January 2011 the book release date, and this is all starting to feel really…real.

To celebrate the book’s official launch, Timber Press (in partnership with Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and Garden Fever) is hosting a contest to win a terrific garden starter kit: we’re talking everything you need to kick your garden into gear.

First prize

A garden starter kit with all you need to start your own vegetable garden wherever you live, including:

• A copy of Sugar Snaps and Strawberries
• A gardening container, watering can, gloves, and a garden journal from Garden Fever
• A selection of seeds including radishes, beans, beets, chard, salad greens, peas, tomatoes, and herbs, as well as a Cobra Head gardening tool, hat, and mug from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Second and third prizes

A copy of Sugar Snaps and Strawberries.

To enter, visit the Sugar Snaps and Strawberries contest page. Contest is open until March 31, 2011. Good luck!

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