A wearable planter

It’s been a little quiet here at Heavy Petal, which is pretty much the opposite of the rest of my life right now. Where have I been? Not in the garden, that’s for sure! But I have been having fun promoting my book all over the Pacific Northwest. I spoke in Seattle at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, which was great fun. Then I spoke at Powell’s Books in Portland, which was so exciting (Sugar Snaps was in the front window!) and showed the host of AM Northwest how to make seed balls. Then I headed to Eugene to speak at the Lane County Home and Garden Show, which was a total blast. I’ve got other upcoming events as well.

All this to show you the wearable planter my husband got me as a “happy book tour” gift. I’m using it more like a vase, but it could also be planted up. Looks like ceramic, right? Guess what? It’s resin – painted and finished by hand.

The wearable planter is available in various shapes and colours in made by colleen’s Etsy shop.

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