Growing mushrooms indoors using a kit
Andrea Bellamy |

Ever lamented the fact that you don’t have enough sun to grow food? Rejoice! There are edibles you can grow in shade—even indoors (and it’s definitely easier than making a mushroom log). Here’s how to grow mushrooms indoors using a mushroom kit.

Last month, on my birthday, I picked up a few things to make my favourite kind of lunch: a couple of gooey, stinky cheeses; a good, crusty baguette; some nice olives; paté; and an arugula salad tossed with balsamic and olive oil. And because it was my birthday, some bubbles.

While at Whole Foods, I noticed kits for growing oyster mushrooms indoors (by fresh-thinking Back to the Roots). They were compact, utilized recycled materials (used coffee grounds! Hello!), and (here’s what really got me) had irresistible packaging. So, because it was my birthday, I bought one.

The package says “fun for kids!” and it’s true. Even if she’s refused to eat them, Lila has definitely enjoyed growing mushrooms.

Growing mushrooms from a kit is definitely easier than inoculating logs with mushroom spawn. Just cut open the bag…

…and soak overnight in water.

Keep out of direct sunlight and two weeks later (after misting one or two times daily), you’ve got mushrooms! It’s that easy. And once you’ve harvested the mushrooms, just soak the bag again and repeat the misting process for a second and third harvest. And once the coffee grounds are truly exhausted? Just toss ’em on the compost.

Oyster mushrooms: perfect in an omelette. Maybe along with some of my stinky cheese and olives.

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