Check it out: Leaf Magazine
Andrea Bellamy |

Leaf Magazine preview issue cover featuring a garden designed by Topher Delaney and photographed by Saxon Holt.

Today marks the launch of Leaf Magazine, a brand-spanking-new digital publication created by fellow garden bloggers Susan Cohan (Miss Rumphius’ Rules) and Rochelle Greayer (Studio G).

The free (yes, free!) publication is focused on “Design Outside and Outdoor Style,” and despite the already-overwhelming number of garden- and design-related blogs and magazines I subscribe to, I’m pretty stoked about Leaf. It’s not just that Susan and Rochelle have amazing design sense and style (which they do), but also that they’ve set their sights high. Really high. Leaf‘s mission statement includes this fabulous line: “Leaf Magazine operates at the intersection of great design and the great outdoors.” (Trademark that one, ladies. Love it!)

They’re aiming for “a fresh approach to outdoor style that is both aspirational and accessible,” thank goodness. I hope to see some ideas and products that are truly affordable for those of us with more dreams than dough.

Sign up for your free subscription here.

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