Lawns to Loaves wheat harvest

See that? That’s me, standing in my little urban wheat field just three and a half months after it was planted. Running my hands along the top of the spiny heads of golden wheat as I walked the rows. Living the dream, folks.

The whole process – of turning and prepping the soil, planting, weeding, and now, finally, harvesting – has been an incredible experience. This is perhaps overly simplistic, but I now have a much deeper appreciation for the work that goes into producing the grain we consume.

I also have a new appreciation for, and interest in, the potential for grains in the ornamental garden. You can’t tell me wheat isn’t beautiful! I can easily see it integrated into an edible landscape.

Anyway, this is all to say that we had a successful harvest. Thanks to help from friends from the Lawns to Loaves project and Cedar Cottage Garden, we managed to cut and bundle all 1,500 sq ft of Red Spring wheat in no time flat. Threshing, however, is going to take a little longer.

More on that later this month.

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