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Woodland nursery
Andrea Bellamy |

With the baby due in under three months, it’s time to start thinking about where it’s going to live. (Actually, we know the future location of its habitat: our former TV room, or “media centre” as Ben liked to call it, but what said room is going to look like is completely open for discussion.)


I’m really grooving on  Amenity Nursery’s – Woods organic crib bedding. I love the gender-neutral palette, and of course, the nature-inspired print. Drool. Could this be the inspiration for the nursery’s theme? What better for a gardener and nature lover? (Photo from Design Public.)


Fabrics from the Aviary line of Joel Dewberry fabrics (via PurlSoho) would make great curtains and accent pillows.

I also love this tree, hand-cut from vintage wallpaper, from Enfant Terrible. I think I may have to copy this, especially the little birdhouse light.

lentil_room_coloursjpgBecause we don’t know the baby’s sex, we’re going gender-neutral (though I can’t see doing a pink or blue room, regardless). We are thinking of the above palette, with a greenish yellow called “Lemon Grass” as the main colour, “Cromwell Gray” for a feature wall and “Simply White” for the ceiling and trim (all from Benjamin Moore). Orange accents would punch it up a lot.  



Christmas cactus with different coloured blooms
Andrea Bellamy |

christmas cactus blooms.jpgSo, I have this rather sad, neglected Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) that has decided to bloom for me – in two different colours, no less! Just to be clear, this is the same plant producing blooms of different colours. Has anyone encountered this before? I’m not troubled by it – just curious as to why. Is this an example of reversion?


In search of the perfect watering can
Andrea Bellamy |

My husband has given me an ultimatum: get rid of my watering can. He’s
referring to my indoor watering can – an old, ugly mauve plastic job
that normally sits on the kitchen counter because there’s never any
room for it under the sink. So I can’t blame him for hating it, really.
But now I need a replacement. Something that will look good when it is
inevitably left out on the counter.
Zack Rocco.jpg So let’s get my fantasy watering cans out of the way first. Like the Zack Rocco Stainless Steel Watering Can, above. It’s $97.88, sure, but so lovely. I could definitely leave that out. Zack makes some other beautiful watering cans, like the Pianto and the Arco.

rosenthal dumbo.jpgI just adore the Rosenthal ‘Dumbo’ Watering Can, which is porcelain and probably heavy as hell. It’s $93.75.

blomus.jpgMoving down the price scale, the Blomus ‘Greens’ Watering Can in stainless steel is a sleek modern take on a traditional design. It’s $43.91.
Rumford Gardener watering can.jpgSpeaking of modern classics, the Rumford Gardener Stainless Steel Watering Can isn’t bad either – and at $24.70 won’t break the bank.
Good Grips.jpgThe OXO Good Grips Mini Pour and Store Watering Can isn’t for everyone, sure. I don’t know that my husband would want it on the counter, but it sure looks funky, and is ergonomically-designed to boot. It comes in several colours, including gray and white. It’s just $7.38
Plastek.jpgFinally, there’s the Plastec Turquoise Stack Water Can – simple and cheap ($2.42). How can you lose?


Serve it up

 Simrin-trays-nature.jpgSaw these botanical-print serving trays by Simrin, and knew Heavy Petal readers would adore them. You do, don’t you? No? What if I told you they are made by laminating hand-printed fabric between ridged vinyl sheets, so that each tray has a linen-like texture? And that they’re made in New York by a family-run company that’s been in business for over 40 years? And that they start at just $30.00?

See. I knew you’d love them. Buy them here.

Via PointClickHome.


Give it 100%
Andrea Bellamy |

100% glass.jpg

Now even your water rings can be flower themed.

Sakurasaku glass by 100%. Via MocoLoco.


It’s getting hot in here
Andrea Bellamy |


I’m always struggling to find homes for my houseplants away from our baseboard heaters. Imagine if a blast of dry heat actually encouraged flowers to bloom. 

They’re not live blooms, but the wallpaper from Shiyuan Design with Life has flowers printed with heat-sensitive inks that bloom when the radiator is on. Now that’s hot.

Via MocoLoco.


Lovely letterpress
Andrea Bellamy |


I love the look and tactile nature of letterpress printing, and I’m fascinated by old herbal remedies. So it’s only fitting that I love these Notes to Grow On by Lizard Press on Etsy.


Based on botanical illustrations from the German incunabula period [1450-1500AD], the cards come with a small packet of seeds.



Orchids are the tongues that lied
Andrea Bellamy |


Right now: Loving Welcoming the Flowers by poet and performer John Giorno, a set of screenprinted poems in 18 parts. Although I feel a need to defend some of les fleurs, (why are lupins self serving and unkind?) I love the bold, cheerful colours in constrast with the somewhat morbid sentiments expressed.

Via MocoLoco.


Couldn’t they just text me?
Andrea Bellamy |


Maybe this is what we outdoor-only gardeners need — although I wonder if unsatisfactory watering methods are the sole cause of my houseplants’ untimely deaths. I guess it couldn’t be helping.

Botanicalls, a system still in the testing stage, is designed to help keep plants alive. Developed by four students at New York University’s interactive telecommunications program, Botanicalls “opens a new channel of communication between plants and humans, in an effort to promote successful inter-species understanding.” Whoa.

Or in other words, sensors in the soil “allows plants to place phone calls” when the soil is too dry, too wet, or to thank you for watering it.

According to this article, the phone messages are customized by species of plant. For example, “the scotch moss message is recorded with a Scottish accent. ‘Someone just watered me. It wasn’t enough. I don’t know what you were thinking.'”

Just what I need – guilt from my plants!

Photo of the prototype from Botanicalls.


Petal pillow love
Andrea Bellamy |


It could just be because I covet everything turquoise, but I am seriously loving the Petal Pillow by Chiasso. It’s like a pompom dahlia, but square. And made of felt. Mmmm…. felt. Nummy.


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