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And the winner is…
Andrea Bellamy |

The winner of the One for me, one for a friend giveaway is Janna. Congratulations, Janna!

Thanks everyone for participating.


Happy Halloween!
Andrea Bellamy |

Halloween #28, originally uploaded by stevechasmar.

Enjoy the costumes, candy and kidlets. Not in the spirit yet? Check out GreenWalks’ post on spooky plants, this great collection of vintage halloween photos on Flickr, or some awesome dog costumes.

Then go paint your face and eat some candy corn.


NYC rooftop garden voyeurism
Andrea Bellamy |

I’ve got a bit of an election hangover today. Feeling kind of snarly and sick to my stomach. When you’re feeling nasty there’s nothing like trolling the interwebs for guilty pleasures (I like the trashy celebrity blogs, personally). But today I found something that gives you a bit of a voyeuristic thrill without feeling bad about yourself: a Flickr set called Rich People Rooftops. Check it.

Photo by JWilly.


Autumn equinox
Andrea Bellamy |

Autumn Glow, originally uploaded by digitalART2.

It’s the first day of autumn. As a gardener, I am supposed to be unhappy about this, but frankly, I love fall! I love kicking leaves on long walks. I love crisp, cold air enjoyed while bundled up in long scarves. I love the smell of falling leaves and burning piles. I love sweaters and gumboots and mugs of tea. So yeah, the peak gardening season is over, but I’m cool with that. Now’s the time to snuggle in and dream about next year!

Happy autumn, everyone.


Canadian Superstore to accept plant pots for recycling
Andrea Bellamy |

Kudos to the Canadian supermarket known as Superstore (Loblaw’s), which has announced that they will now accept plastic pots, flats and even plant tags for recycling. They’ll make them into new pots and flats for use and sale the following year. This closed-loop solution could divert approximately three million garden pots from Canada’s landfills this year alone. Learn more here.


Thanks, all
Andrea Bellamy |

Just a quick note to thank you all for your comments and emails of congratulations. I won’t be able to respond individually at this time, but I know you’ll understand! It’s difficult to find 10 minutes to even check my email these days, but I’m loving it.  :)


Thank you
Andrea Bellamy |

Hellebore.jpgJust wanted to say thanks to everyone who e-mailed or commented on my last post. Your support and stories mean so much! I am going to try to squeeze in a post alerting you all when I go into labour so I can get your good vibes coming my way!

On another note, it was a beautiful sunny weekend and I managed to get a whole lot of garden-related activity in so I’m feeling pretty good right now. Amazing what a little bit of dirt and sunshine can do for you!


Pregnancy limbo
Andrea Bellamy |

I apologize for the scarcity of posts lately. With the baby due in less than a week, I should be stockpiling blog posts for the upcoming crazy newborn months. Instead, I feel quite disconnected from my gardening life, and that leaves me feeling like I’ve got not much to say.

Pregnancy has now taken over my life. It’s all encompassing, and I feel
quite boring for it – and bored with it. I’m in limbo: desperate to hang onto life as it is
now but also anxious to meet the
little one. And wear different clothes.

I’m watching spring unfold through a lens. My garden may as well be behind glass, because that’s where I’m viewing it from. I’ve never been so hands-off, mostly because I can’t quite reach my plants. The other reason is that everything feels so tentative. Like I shouldn’t make plans or get too attached to those seedlings in case I forget all about them when the baby comes.

And now I’m going to go stick my head in the oven. Just kidding! Sorry for the whiny post – I guess I needed to vent.


Spring is here!
Andrea Bellamy |

echeveria flower.jpgHappy solstice, friends! Soon we’ll be planting and digging and watering up a storm. Can’t wait!


Happy St. Paddy’s Day
Andrea Bellamy |

oxalis path.jpg

Hope you’re seeing green in your garden, wherever you are!

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