Now harvesting: mid-August
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Potato harvest

When I got back from holidays, it was pretty clear that my potatoes were done. The leafy tops had been dying for a while, and I’d been sneaking the odd new potato here and there, but until last week, you could still pretend the tops were green. No longer.

Have you ever harvested potatoes? No? May I suggest you try growing them next year, simply for the pleasure of the treasure hunt that is a potato harvest? At first, I found spuds just by brushing aside the top inch or two of soil. Once the easy pickings were, well, picked, I dug down, uncovering plump tubers with every spadeful. In total, I harvested 20lbs of two types of potatoes (from about 12 sq.ft.!).

Russian Banana fingerling potato

Exhibit A: Russian Banana fingerling.

Sieglinde potato

Exhibit B: Sieglinde.

Aside from the obvious difference in shape, these two potatoes actually taste quite similar. And thankfully, that means both are delicious, tender, and buttery, with thin skins and yellow flesh. But not all the spuds I harvested were quite as perfect as these two samples. No. Check out these suckers:

Avant garden sculpture

The modernist sculpture.

It came from outer space

The alien.

the lovers

The lovers.

Baby potatoes

The premature babies.

Wounded fingerling

The damaged.

Conjoined twins

The conjoined twins.

What the?

The, um…

What are you harvesting now?

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